Friday, September 30, 2011


It's InstaFriday time!
I didn't really take that many photos this week, so here's a few.

Jacob was getting ready for bed the other night and would not let go of the football.
He's making Brett very proud.

Ethan on a morning walk. 
He likes to wear snow boots. 
He's never worn them in the snow but he loves them.

I took the boys to the aquarium this week.
I love that we live so close.
The turtle is not always out swimming so Ethan was extremely happy we got to see him.

 I went to the grocery store alone to pick up a few things.
I got to use the little cart with no kid seat.
I never get to use that one. I felt rebellious. 

Uggs...a sign of Fall and cooler evenings.

Date Night at Coldstone, just me and E. 

 Jeanette's photo challenge this week was to take a picture of something we had just made.
This is one of the things I completed this past week.
It was my first time making felt rosies, which were super easy, and now I want to put them on everything.
It is hanging on the back of our front door and I love that we can write little messages or words of inspiration.

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boom Boom Pow.

I've got a whole lotta stuff running through my head right now but no time to get it out.
So in the meantime enjoy my boys, dancing.

disclaimer: this is not the edited version of this song. i think i need to get it.
and yes, my living room looks this messy most of the time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Sugar '11.

Last night I attended Blog Sugar.
It was fantastic and oh so sweet!
From the decor to the food to the speakers, it was all fabulous.

When I first heard about Blog Sugar I was hesitant to go, so I asked my sister to go with me.
I'm not super outgoing and I knew if I had a friend with me I'd be more comfortable.
As I was getting ready, trying to decide what to wear and how to do my hair, I began to get nervous.
I was going to be meeting some serious bloggers, that are seriously awesome. 
My insecurities started to set in.
My blog is not big and fancy, I don't have an etsy shop, my pictures are not fantastic and my writing doesn't dive deep.
I felt that I was going to be a tiny fish in a huge pond.
But I was wrong.
Now that doesn't mean I wasn't a tiny star-stuck, (blog-struck?) when I met
I mean, they're pretty great, right? 
And I'm pretty sure I looked like a big dork talking to them. Fantastic.

Anyway, as I walked into the courtyard all my nervousness and insecure thoughts vanished. 
I was there and I wanted to have a good time.
I needed to make the most out of being there and I did.

I met a ton of fabulous ladies and I can not wait to learn more about them through their blogs.
I was inspired by the speakers.
I was encouraged to write and tell more.
I was challenged to do more personally and with my blog.

I walked away feeling welcomed, happy, and warm.
Thanks for an amazing night! 
When can we do this again?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here and There.

I feel like I have a million things running through my head. 
I need to get them out.
Here goes.

Last weekend we spent some time in Palm Desert with Brett's parents.
We relaxed, swam, ate, know all the good stuff.
I only took a handful of photos and this is the winner for my favorite.
His little face is seriously just too cute.

We came home Sunday and Brett had to turn around and go back out there for a work conference. 
He comes home tomorrow. Hallelujah. 
It's tough being a single mom.
Hats off to those who do it every day.
I'm wiped out!

A few weeks back we went to a local car show.
I saw this beauty...
It's the perfect color with the perfect accessories.
I'll take it.
All of it.

I've been getting crafty lately.
Probably because Fall is here, although it doesn't feel like it, and I'm looking forward to handmade gifts for the holidays. 
I've got a list of things I want to do and I'll share along the way, that is if I actually do them.

Ethan is loving preschool.
Every time he goes right in the class and doesn't look back. 
He hasn't cried once.
He's not shy. 
He doesn't get that from me.
And he comes home smelling like his teacher from all her hugs. 
I love it.

Have you been watching any new shows the last week or so?
I'm so glad good TV is back.
I love a good sitcom and I've been missing my favorites like Modern Family and The Office.
And Glee and Two and a Half Men.
I'll stop there since it's kind of embarrassing how much TV I actually like.

And last...
Blog Sugar is just 3 days away!
I'm excited and nervous. 
Meeting new people makes me scared. 
If you're going and see a girl who looks really uncomfortable, like she wants to escape, that's me. 
Say hello, so I don't run.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't Stop.

Have you seen this commercial from Lowe's?
I like it. 

It makes me want to dance and paint.

The Things I Hear.

Often times when I am out with my boys I hear the same comments.

"My you are busy."
"Oh Dear, you need a break."
"How do you ever get enough rest?"
and my favorite...
"Your hands sure are full."
(as I then look around to see what other children I must have collected along the way.)

I know people mean well when they makes these comments.
I know they are not trying to be rude. I know they are not trying to be negative.
I know they are not intentionally trying to hurt me, but they are.

Yes, all of the above it slightly true.
I am busy, some days, but generally we are pretty mellow and laid back.
Some days I do need a break, as any mother does, but I like what I do everyday. I like my job.
Almost every night I get enough rest, except for when the kids are sick, which thankfully is not often.
And sometimes my hands are quite literally full as I am carrying Jacob, the diaper bag, two sippy cups and holding Ethan's hand while we are crossing the parking lot.

These comments are hurtful because of what I think afterward.
Do I look that overwhelmed or disheveled?
Are the boys being too loud and noisy? I thought they were just having fun.
Are the bags under my eyes really that dark? I thought my makeup was covering them up. Heck the fact that I have makeup on is amazing.
Do my kids seem out of control or too hard to manage? 

The answer is NO to all of the questions that run through my head.
I know that I'm not overwhelmed. I know that my boys are wonderful.
I know that I get enough rest. I know that I'm doing the best I know how.
I know that I want to be a mom, everyday. 

So yesterday as we were loading groceries into our cart an elderly woman approached me.
"Here we go," I thought.
To my surprise she said,
"Honey, your children are so well behaved. They are beautiful and just so happy."
I thanked her, as Jacob flirted a little and Ethan loaded up some bananas, and then walked away beaming.
  I felt full of pride.
That tiny little comment, that took all of 1 minute, was so affirming and gracious.

Wouldn't it be nice if we heard more of this everyday? Wouldn't it be nice if people focused on the positive and not the negative? Wouldn't it be nice if we praised one another for the good we are doing?
Wouldn't it be nice if we took a couple of moments to say a few kind words?
I think so. 
And it would make my trips to Target and the grocery store a little happier.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preschool {the first day}.

Today was Ethan's first day of preschool.
His first day of his first year.

I was fine.
Until I started getting him ready.
All of the sudden it hit me.
He's growing up and I can't stop it.
I started to cry as I was combing down his hair and he says to me, "What's wrong Mama?"
I said, "I'm sad because you are getting so big."
He then says, "Don't be sad Mama. We are a team."
I cried a little more.

I finished getting him ready, took his picture, and then we were off.
Before we went to his class we saw Abby and Radley.
I love that he goes to the same school as his cousins. They aren't in the same class but they get to hang out during recess time. They are all pretty happy about that.
Oh and a little info for you...I went to preschool here, as well as my sisters, and one of my sisters teaches elementary school here. 
It makes me all the more comfortable leaving him for a couple hours.

The first day was a short day, only an hour and fifteen minutes, and the parents got to stay.
He walked right in like he owned the place.
He said hi to his teacher then said,
"Jacob is 1. I try to be nice."
Oh the things kids say.

He played in the sand table, cooked a little, made playdough, used magnets, and built with blocks.

After school he got to choose what he wanted for lunch. 
He picked McDonald's.
And then we had Sugar Jumbles for dessert.
My treat to him for finishing his first day.
I'm so proud of him for a great first day, but still a little sad that he's growing so fast.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jacob's 1st Birthday Party.

I finally am getting the chance to post photos of Jacob's 1st birthday.
It's only been a week so that's not too bad, right?

It was a fantastic party, so much fun, good food, and I was stress free. 
I'm never stress free for a party and boy does it make a difference.
Come the morning of the party I seriously had no worries.
Which secretly made me a tiny nervous because parties equal stress, right? 
Anyway everything went wonderfully, except that I forgot to take a lot of pictures. Opps. 
So I have no pictures of the fabulous cupcakes my sister made. 
I'm really sad about that. I guess we'll just have to make them again and takes some photos. 
Oh bummer. 
On to the details...

I had so much fun creating all the decorations thanks to DimplePrints.
I loved being able to print out what I needed and create my own decorations.
I was super excited when I found these popcorn bins at the dollar tree. I knew they were just what I needed.

Since we had the carnival theme going we set up a few games for the "bigger" kids.

We had some yummy treats to start,

and an even better lunch.
(Costco pizza is the way to go. Cheap, easy, and so good.)

Everyone had a great time eating, playing, and enjoying the day.

My favorite part of the day was the cake. 
For me, it's always the best part of the 1st birthday.
Jacob was slow to start, surprisingly, but once he had a taste he dove right in.

Such a messy, sugary little guy.

At some point the kids, big and small, got a little crazy with the face paint.

This is my favorite picture of him ever.

And lastly, the books!
Remember how we collected books for The Joyful Life Library?
Well we received 59 in all!!

Thank you everyone!

We had a wonderful 1st birthday for our little guy.
I can hardly believe a year has already come and gone.
I love you little Jacob.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance.

Belmont Shore Car Show.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Insta Friday {Newbie}.

I'm linking up with Jeannett for my first ever InstaFriday.
What's InstaFriday you say?
It's showing off your phone photos from the week.
I take a ton of photos on my phone and I rarely show them, so this is a great way for me to share with all of you.

Here goes...

Future Blogger?

 Planner, coffee, most days start.

Ethan loves doing his "workbooks".
I've let him just kind of have at it with the Kumon workbooks we have and he's really enjoying it. It's so much fun watching him learn.

We made pancakes this week. 
They were blue.

The little man had his 1 year check-up this week. 
My how he's grown.
He's in the 75th percentile for his height, not surprising, but only 25th for his weight. 
It looks like he too will be taking after Dad.

We bought flowers at Trader Joe's.
The heat was not their friend and they only lasted a couple of days.

Ethan fingerpainted.

 The boys played nicely in the sandbox a few times this week, but mostly just in the mornings. 
It's been too hot for my fair skinned little guys. 
Thankfully, it's supposed to get cooler.

That sums up the week.
Well in phone photos that is. 
Happy Weekend to You!!

life rearranged