Monday, June 18, 2012

Ethan's Last Days of School {in pictures}.

Before summer gets too far ahead of me I wanted to go back a minute and share pictures of Ethan's last couple days of school.
He had a little preschool picnic in the park and then a little parade to finish off his first year. 
My nieces also went to the same school and while Ethan will be returning next year the girls will not.
They are off to big girl school.
So without further adieu here are some pictures.

Ok, that's it!
No more last day of school pictures. 
Let summer begin!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


It's Friday!
We're packing in quite a bit this weekend since we'll be headed to San Diego on Monday.
We're taking the boys to the zoo for their first time.
I can't wait. 
Ethan loves elephants and I can't wait to see his face when he sees a real one up close.
Jacob loves anything that moves so he'll be a ball of fun the whole day.

Anyway, here are my Instagram photos from the week.

 Last Friday my mom, sisters, our kids and I all went to Disneyland.
We stayed for the fireworks which is well past bedtime and the kids were thrilled. 

 Oh these boys and their sunglasses.

 Ethan, Radley and Abby at their end of the school year picnic. 

Gifts for Ethan's teachers. 

 Me and the boys. 

 My aunt and uncle had a nest of duck eggs in their yard. Yesterday they hatched and we went to visit. Those babies were the cutest following their mama around, getting in and out of the pool
And yes, the boys insisted on rainboots. 

My sweet boy fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie. Swim lessons really wore him out today. 

Have a great weekend!! 

life rearranged

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Just a Little Sad.

Today was Ethan's last day of Preschool.
This wasn't his last year of preschool since he isn't even 4 yet, but I'm still sad.
I'm sad because it seems like he just started this new adventure and it quickly has come to an end.
I'm sad because I loved his teachers and he loved them too.
I'm sad because it is the last year he will be at the same school as his cousins.
I'm sad because this means he's getting bigger and I can't ignore it.
Look at how much he has changed in these past months. 
He started out with a little baby face and now he's such a big boy.
I really just want him to stay small, but I know I can't stop him from growing into the young person he is becoming. 
I know won't stay sad for long and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be looking forward to what the summer has to bring.
But today I'm just a little sad. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's almost here...

Last week my nieces came over to play in our new blow up pool and have lunch. 
I didn't realize how much I have missed summer weather until that day.
We were outside in the water playing for far too long. 
The kids had the best time and literally went nuts with excitement.
It was craziness.
The kind of craziness that is super loud and funny and you just let them go wild. 
The kind of craziness that makes for wonderful naps later in the day. 
It was great!
I can't wait for more days like this in the coming months. 

Yay for summer and warm weather!! 
Are you a fan of the hot summer weather too? 

Friday, June 1, 2012


I can't believe it's already Friday.
This week flew by as I'm sure next week will also.
It will be Ethan's last week of school and then we'll officially be on summer break. 

Speaking of summer, it's been feeling a lot like summer around these parts and we've been enjoying the warm weather as you can see from my Instafriday photos.
This week we've spent most of our time outside playing in the water. I'm pretty sure this is what our entire summer is going to look like. 
Backyard, bikes, water, cousins.
I love it!

And do you see that big boy bed our little guy got?
Yep, he's officially in a twin bed now. Makes me want to cry.  
Oh and I got a new watch with some gift cards I had. Gotta love gift cards.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Brett's gone for a few days so we're off to Disneyland tonight and we have a pool party planned for tomorrow. 
All the makings for a great weekend. 

life rearranged
p.s. are you on instagram? i'm pretty sure it's my new obsession. i'm @adielewis. find me and let's share photos. it'll be fun!