Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is what's happening here.

*Truman the Tortiose has officially left our home. You should see the tears streaming down my face.
*I now have to go to the doctor every 2 weeks for check-ups. I can't believe we are already this far along. It makes me excited and nervous all balled into one.
*Ethan will be 2 in less than a month. Now real tears are streaming.
*I keep thinking I am going to have this baby really early and I have nothing done. Anxiety is starting to settle in, yuck.
*We have no plans for the 4th of July. I'm sad I won't be spending it with my family at the river but I'm glad I won't be in 120 degree heat. 
*My ankles swell almost every night now. Hence, no extreme heat.
*I want to organize everything. I hope to get a start on the kids (weird to say kids) room this weekend.
*We bought new interior doors and they will be installed this weekend. I'm more than happy about this fact.
*I need a haircut but don't want to take the time out to have it done. I'm usually not this lazy.
*I want to eat sweets all day long.

That's all for now. Goodnight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pool Time.

Summer has officially started!
Over the weekend we bought Ethan a new pool for the backyard.
He's pretty excited about. He wasn't too thrilled about the waterfall feature in the back so we had to turn it off, but once that went away he loved it. He thought it was pretty great that he could get in and out of it himself, and he liked practicing his kicks he's been learning at swim lessons.
I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in his new toy this summer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Jammies.

Does he look older than a almost 2 year old to anyone else?
And these new jammies from his Aunt Amy are killer. When he put them on he said, "oh wow". He's got good taste.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sour Cream Pancakes.

I love pancakes! 
Brett and Ethan do not, so I don't make them very often, but on Friday I made Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes for myself. They are to die for.
They are really easy to make and come out so fluffy. I'm not a fan of sour cream but you'd never know that's what's in these. Honestly they were so good that I made them again on Monday. 
And yes, just for myself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Truman the Tortoise.

We have an extremely large tortoise roaming around our backyard. 
We've named him Truman.
We found him wandering about across the street from my Grandparents house. No one knew where he had come from and no one was looking for him. So naturally Brett said we should take him home. I, on the other hand was sceptical. Ethan was a little at first too.
As you can see, he is quite large and heavy, and when we first brought him home he was filthy. He was living underground or something of that nature for quite some time. Brett made it seem like no big deal, he had one growing up and I was led to believe that all he would do was sleep and eat lettuce. Come to find out he needs more than just a little lettuce.
Kalli is not very happy with us. She hasn't really been eating and she barks at Truman.
I honestly was fine with Truman living at our house, for the first couple of hours. Then I realized the amount of food he could consume in one day which is a cost I'm not willing to spend right now. And do you know what all that food leads to...the biggest poos I have ever seen, pardon my french. I can't handle it. I gag.
So Truman can not stay. We're going to find a lovely home for him or hopefully the animal shelter will be able to. So goodbye Truman, it's been fun. Well kind of.

Father's Day.

Snapshots of Father's Day.
Brett's only request for the day was to sleep in. So Ethan and I headed out of the house as early as we could and Brett slept until 10:30, which made his day. He didn't really want to do anything besides hang out around the house and that's just what we did. The guys played in the water outside, hung out in the garage and went for a bike ride. Brett said it was a great relaxing Father's day and that's what I wanted for him. He's a great dad to our little guy and I know he'll be just as good if not better once the second one gets here. 
Happy Father's Day Brett!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Time Flies.

I'm feeling crummy today. 
My body can't decide whether or not it wants to get sick and I feel drained. 
I feel sluggish and slow for no good reason. I don't want to be this tried. I want my energy and sleep back, but I know it will be long while before that happens.
Enough with my complaining and on to a couple of things...

My favorite little (well not so little anymore) cousin graduated from the 8th grade today. I remember changing his diaper, finger painting with him, taking him to feed the ducks, watching him play pee-wee soccer. And now he's going to be in high school. Where has the time gone? 
It made me realize that before I know it Ethan will be in elementary school, junior high, and then high school, all in a blink of an eye. Time goes way too fast and I need to enjoy the littlest of things. So oh well if don't get the laundry done tonight or I don't make some fabulous dinner, I'm playing with the little guy tonight. And I'm going to soak it in and eat up and enjoy it, without thinking about all the things I could or should be doing. Oh and we will be watching the Lakers win the Championship game too.

Speaking of growing up and time flying by, Ethan started swim lessons this week. He pretty much just plays but his very lovely instructor makes him go under the water which I don't want to do. So far he's been doing great.
 I really need to take some better pictures don't you think?

And apparently Ethan thinks he is big enough to ride a skateboard too.
Ok, well it's the little mini skateboard you might see under that foot of his, but he's clever enough to try to ride it. (Thank you Aunt Emily for taking this awesome photo).

I don't know if I feel any better after thinking about how my baby is growing up so fast, but it's the way it is and I can't stop it. So I'll enjoy every minute of it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If you love Weezer and love soccer than you will love this.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I know summer isn't officially here yet but it's starting to feel like it around here. 
Today we went to the park, swam at my mom's, played outside, ate watermelon, and did some summer inspired art. If that doesn't sound like summer I don't know what does.

Laker Cuteness.

I seriously think they need to be in the Lakers marketing campaign for next year. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We've been having a few at our house this last week. It's something very new for the little man and obviously I am not a fan. But it's all part of being a parent, right?
I know you're saying, "this can't be true, not that sweet little boy." Well yes it is. He has thrown himself on the floor, screamed, whined, cried, and he even bit me. It has not been fun.

Sometimes it seems much easier to yell to Ethan across the room, "stop that" or "get down", than to stop making dinner, get on Ethan's eye level and have a little chat. In the long run I know it's worth it. Yes, it's even worth it on the days that I have been working, my feet are swollen, my head hurts and I just can't take anymore. It works out much better for everyone. I'm not saying it works every time, but taking a moment to deal with the situation using a technique that works for me and him is the way to go. And yelling at him from afar is not one of them.
It just so happens that I stumbled across this post from MckMama the other day. I know it's long, and I don't agree with everything, but I think it has some great tips and reminders. I think it's always good to get advice and feedback from other people that are going through the same situations. So if you need a tip or two check it out, it's worth the read.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lakers Fan.

Can you guess what we're doing tonight?
Yep, we're watching the game. 
Ethan's the next generation's biggest Lakers fan. 
He chants, "Kobe, Kobe", claps for the good plays and yells at the TV. 
He even calls Phil and tells him who to put in.
Go Lakers!

Monday, June 7, 2010


My cousin Jamie's son Connor turned 1 this weekend and I took a couple photos at the party.
Here's a little sugar for you.
Don't you just love it when a baby gets to dive into his cake for the first time? I do!
Happy Birthday Connor!

Cherries and Bubbles.

Ethan had cherries for the first time today. 
He loved them, as he does every fruit he tries.

Then we played with some bubbles.

And then he thought he was so funny trying to drink Dad's diet cokes.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's been a long day.

It's been one of those days. I'm exhausted and sore. Ethan only took an hour and a half nap and I didn't have time to relax. He has wanted me to do everything with him today, which is unusual for him. He plays well alone and keeps himself pretty well occupied when I need to get things done around the house. Not today, I had to color with him, play with play dough, splash in the water, throw the ball around. I know I need to savor these moments because one day he won't want me around, but sometimes it's just hard. And now Brett thinks he might have broken his big toe and is limping around, moving at too slow of a pace for me. And I'm not doing a good job at having sympathy.
So I'm tired. 
But one thing has brightened my day. 
I was trying to find something for us to do and naturally I thought we should bake.
So I made a batch of these. 
 They are my Grandmi's Sugar Jumbles recipe and I haven't made them in so long. They are delicious!
Oh and these are sitting on my counter in the kitchen and it is taking everything out of me not devour all the contents in one sitting.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend (better late than never).

This past weekend we headed out to my parent's house in Parker, Arizona. My parents and three sisters, along with babies, husbands and friends all went. We had a fabulous time relaxing, playing in the water, riding in the boat, eating, and soaking up the sun. 
The last time we had gone to the river Ethan was a lot smaller and he wasn't really walking. He was more interested in eating the sand than playing in it and he could have cared less about the boat. Oh, how things have changed.
The first thing out of his little mouth when he would wake up at 6:30 in the morning was, "boat, out". A new obsession has begun.

These photos are my favorites from the weekend.
This last photo is by far my favorite. There are many photos of the young me with my sisters and cousins, standing at the end of a pontoon boat looking out at the water. The tradition continues and I am in love.