Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Time Flies.

I'm feeling crummy today. 
My body can't decide whether or not it wants to get sick and I feel drained. 
I feel sluggish and slow for no good reason. I don't want to be this tried. I want my energy and sleep back, but I know it will be long while before that happens.
Enough with my complaining and on to a couple of things...

My favorite little (well not so little anymore) cousin graduated from the 8th grade today. I remember changing his diaper, finger painting with him, taking him to feed the ducks, watching him play pee-wee soccer. And now he's going to be in high school. Where has the time gone? 
It made me realize that before I know it Ethan will be in elementary school, junior high, and then high school, all in a blink of an eye. Time goes way too fast and I need to enjoy the littlest of things. So oh well if don't get the laundry done tonight or I don't make some fabulous dinner, I'm playing with the little guy tonight. And I'm going to soak it in and eat up and enjoy it, without thinking about all the things I could or should be doing. Oh and we will be watching the Lakers win the Championship game too.

Speaking of growing up and time flying by, Ethan started swim lessons this week. He pretty much just plays but his very lovely instructor makes him go under the water which I don't want to do. So far he's been doing great.
 I really need to take some better pictures don't you think?

And apparently Ethan thinks he is big enough to ride a skateboard too.
Ok, well it's the little mini skateboard you might see under that foot of his, but he's clever enough to try to ride it. (Thank you Aunt Emily for taking this awesome photo).

I don't know if I feel any better after thinking about how my baby is growing up so fast, but it's the way it is and I can't stop it. So I'll enjoy every minute of it.

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Rad Runner said...

Look at that lil noddle head in the POOL!

Skateboard pic- so great.. so so so freakin great!