Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day.

Snapshots of Father's Day.
Brett's only request for the day was to sleep in. So Ethan and I headed out of the house as early as we could and Brett slept until 10:30, which made his day. He didn't really want to do anything besides hang out around the house and that's just what we did. The guys played in the water outside, hung out in the garage and went for a bike ride. Brett said it was a great relaxing Father's day and that's what I wanted for him. He's a great dad to our little guy and I know he'll be just as good if not better once the second one gets here. 
Happy Father's Day Brett!

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Rad Runner said...

Holy cow, my heads gonna explode, I dont know which pic I love more, the soakin wet kid in the yard or the young bike mechanic?