Monday, June 21, 2010

Truman the Tortoise.

We have an extremely large tortoise roaming around our backyard. 
We've named him Truman.
We found him wandering about across the street from my Grandparents house. No one knew where he had come from and no one was looking for him. So naturally Brett said we should take him home. I, on the other hand was sceptical. Ethan was a little at first too.
As you can see, he is quite large and heavy, and when we first brought him home he was filthy. He was living underground or something of that nature for quite some time. Brett made it seem like no big deal, he had one growing up and I was led to believe that all he would do was sleep and eat lettuce. Come to find out he needs more than just a little lettuce.
Kalli is not very happy with us. She hasn't really been eating and she barks at Truman.
I honestly was fine with Truman living at our house, for the first couple of hours. Then I realized the amount of food he could consume in one day which is a cost I'm not willing to spend right now. And do you know what all that food leads to...the biggest poos I have ever seen, pardon my french. I can't handle it. I gag.
So Truman can not stay. We're going to find a lovely home for him or hopefully the animal shelter will be able to. So goodbye Truman, it's been fun. Well kind of.


Rad Runner said...

Truman the tortoise? I think this might be the most comical thing I read all day!
P.S. Does he weigh more then E?

Gee said...


Brett said...

I miss him already