About Me

Hi! I'm Adrian.
I live in sunny Southern California with my tall, handsome husband, our two crazy little boys, our wiener dog and goldfish. After the birth of our second son, I quit my "office job" to stay home with the boys. I love it! I will admit that occasionally I miss my quiet office, hour lunches, uninterrupted bathroom breaks, and my heels. But I wouldn't trade being at home with my boys for anything.
We spend our days playing outside, racing Monster trucks, painting, watching Disney movies, going for walks, baking and listening to music.
When I have the time I like to take pictures, read a good book, clean out my DVR, cook a good meal, pretend to be crafty, and roam the aisles of Target. 
Oh, and I like dessert. A lot. 
I'm glad you've stopped by and please let me know you were here.
I would love to visit you too!