Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Just a Little Sad.

Today was Ethan's last day of Preschool.
This wasn't his last year of preschool since he isn't even 4 yet, but I'm still sad.
I'm sad because it seems like he just started this new adventure and it quickly has come to an end.
I'm sad because I loved his teachers and he loved them too.
I'm sad because it is the last year he will be at the same school as his cousins.
I'm sad because this means he's getting bigger and I can't ignore it.
Look at how much he has changed in these past months. 
He started out with a little baby face and now he's such a big boy.
I really just want him to stay small, but I know I can't stop him from growing into the young person he is becoming. 
I know won't stay sad for long and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be looking forward to what the summer has to bring.
But today I'm just a little sad. 


Krista said...

My goodness, he sure did change from the first picture. I would have guessed him for 4 already! Such a cutie. It's ok to be sad about them growing, it is tough sometimes.

Gee said...

OH GEEZ!! (With tears in my eyes!!) It's going by so fast...can we please just stop time!!??