Thursday, September 8, 2011

Insta Friday {Newbie}.

I'm linking up with Jeannett for my first ever InstaFriday.
What's InstaFriday you say?
It's showing off your phone photos from the week.
I take a ton of photos on my phone and I rarely show them, so this is a great way for me to share with all of you.

Here goes...

Future Blogger?

 Planner, coffee, most days start.

Ethan loves doing his "workbooks".
I've let him just kind of have at it with the Kumon workbooks we have and he's really enjoying it. It's so much fun watching him learn.

We made pancakes this week. 
They were blue.

The little man had his 1 year check-up this week. 
My how he's grown.
He's in the 75th percentile for his height, not surprising, but only 25th for his weight. 
It looks like he too will be taking after Dad.

We bought flowers at Trader Joe's.
The heat was not their friend and they only lasted a couple of days.

Ethan fingerpainted.

 The boys played nicely in the sandbox a few times this week, but mostly just in the mornings. 
It's been too hot for my fair skinned little guys. 
Thankfully, it's supposed to get cooler.

That sums up the week.
Well in phone photos that is. 
Happy Weekend to You!!

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The Morris Family said...

The heat has been ridiculous!!! We are just now getting some cooler temps and I even sat some pumpkins out hoping for Fall!!! love the sandbox!!!

hannah singer said...

hooray for insta friday! i hope to link again next week. love all your pictures!
we have a future blogger, too:)

Sarah said...

What sweet photos. Love the last one of your little guys. My pictures are here