Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preschool {the first day}.

Today was Ethan's first day of preschool.
His first day of his first year.

I was fine.
Until I started getting him ready.
All of the sudden it hit me.
He's growing up and I can't stop it.
I started to cry as I was combing down his hair and he says to me, "What's wrong Mama?"
I said, "I'm sad because you are getting so big."
He then says, "Don't be sad Mama. We are a team."
I cried a little more.

I finished getting him ready, took his picture, and then we were off.
Before we went to his class we saw Abby and Radley.
I love that he goes to the same school as his cousins. They aren't in the same class but they get to hang out during recess time. They are all pretty happy about that.
Oh and a little info for you...I went to preschool here, as well as my sisters, and one of my sisters teaches elementary school here. 
It makes me all the more comfortable leaving him for a couple hours.

The first day was a short day, only an hour and fifteen minutes, and the parents got to stay.
He walked right in like he owned the place.
He said hi to his teacher then said,
"Jacob is 1. I try to be nice."
Oh the things kids say.

He played in the sand table, cooked a little, made playdough, used magnets, and built with blocks.

After school he got to choose what he wanted for lunch. 
He picked McDonald's.
And then we had Sugar Jumbles for dessert.
My treat to him for finishing his first day.
I'm so proud of him for a great first day, but still a little sad that he's growing so fast.


theolivetree said...

I wanna cry with you! I have major issue about my daughter starting school next year!!

Gee said...

Oh Lord help me!! :) I love that my grands go to school where my own precious girls started out!! Oh the memories!! :) Can't get much better that this!!