Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here and There.

I feel like I have a million things running through my head. 
I need to get them out.
Here goes.

Last weekend we spent some time in Palm Desert with Brett's parents.
We relaxed, swam, ate, know all the good stuff.
I only took a handful of photos and this is the winner for my favorite.
His little face is seriously just too cute.

We came home Sunday and Brett had to turn around and go back out there for a work conference. 
He comes home tomorrow. Hallelujah. 
It's tough being a single mom.
Hats off to those who do it every day.
I'm wiped out!

A few weeks back we went to a local car show.
I saw this beauty...
It's the perfect color with the perfect accessories.
I'll take it.
All of it.

I've been getting crafty lately.
Probably because Fall is here, although it doesn't feel like it, and I'm looking forward to handmade gifts for the holidays. 
I've got a list of things I want to do and I'll share along the way, that is if I actually do them.

Ethan is loving preschool.
Every time he goes right in the class and doesn't look back. 
He hasn't cried once.
He's not shy. 
He doesn't get that from me.
And he comes home smelling like his teacher from all her hugs. 
I love it.

Have you been watching any new shows the last week or so?
I'm so glad good TV is back.
I love a good sitcom and I've been missing my favorites like Modern Family and The Office.
And Glee and Two and a Half Men.
I'll stop there since it's kind of embarrassing how much TV I actually like.

And last...
Blog Sugar is just 3 days away!
I'm excited and nervous. 
Meeting new people makes me scared. 
If you're going and see a girl who looks really uncomfortable, like she wants to escape, that's me. 
Say hello, so I don't run.


katie said...

See you on Sunday!

Nancy said...

Yay, Adrian! Sooo happy we sat next to each other last night and that we live so close by. Maybe we can do that photography class with Melissa soon???? So happy we met.
Love to you. Nancy