Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short and Sweet.

I have no laundry needing to be folded or put away sitting in my living room chair. The first time in days.

Both boys are taking a nap right now.

Brett is on a hunting trip and I was home alone with the boys last night. He comes home Friday.

I stayed up until midnight watching The Proposal. It was funny.

Jacob woke up at 5:15am.

I'm kind of tired, but Coffee and Diet Coke are my friends.

I'm almost finished with all the decorations for Jacob's big birthday bash on Sunday.

I bought a dress for the party. I don't wear dresses often.

The boys need a bath terribly. I hate to admit it but they haven't had one since Monday night.

I need a shower. 

I need to paint my toenails. What I really need is a pedicure. 

I'm off to eat frosting, watch HGTV, and use my hot glue gun.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.


Gee said...

Oh this made me laugh!! I remember the days when I couldn't even remember when I had given you and your sisters a bath last!! And...guess what!! You survived!! And those boys will too!! :) Can't wait to see the dress!! :)

hannah singer said...

seriously, sometimes i just need to skip the bath with elijah. i want frosting!
and i need a pedicure, too!