Sunday, June 5, 2011

Slowing Down.

Tonight I had no plans for dinner. 
I'm usually prepared but I didn't want to make what I had planned, so Brett and I thought we'd just order out.
I got to thinking about the money we would spend and I quickly didn't want take out.
I searched through the pantry and fridge and decided we'd make some burritos...grilled chicken, black beans, rice, cheese, avocado, and salsa. Yum!
I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of one of them (yes I had two), but you'd just be drooling right now, so I actually did you a favor.
Anyway, Ethan really wanted to eat outside at his new table I purchased today, so we headed out back.
We eat outside a lot, nothing new here.
Brett pulled Jacob's highchair outside and I got the boys their plates of food ready, again nothing out of the ordinary. 
I gave Ethan his plate, Brett started giving Jacob some of his food and I sat down to eat my dinner.
I looked over at Jacob shoveling food in his mouth and then it hit me...Jacob's not a little baby anymore. 
He's sitting in his big highchair, feeding himself little bits of cheese and black beans and avocado. 
When did this happen? 
Where have nine months gone?
When and how did my little baby turn into this little guy?
Time is flying by so quickly and I often forget to stop and take it in.
I forget to look around me, snap a photo, say thank you to God, and remember.
I need to more often because time is moving and I have no way of stopping it.
I need to slow down.
I'm so glad we didn't get take out tonight.
We probably would not have eaten outside, my littlest would not have been a huge mess, and I would have missed another moment that I would never get back.

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Erin said...

love the picture and dinner sounds delicious

Alyss said...

Okay. He is SO cute. Can we please have our babies slow down with the whole turning-into-big-boys thing?!

Nicky said...

adorable... what a fabulous smile your little guys has!

karen said...

ohhh. it all goes by so fast doesn't it? I love how you embraced the moment and enjoyed your sweet little family :)

katie said...

He is precious. Those baby days do go too fast. It is bittersweet as they get bigger.

hannah singer said...

amen. time moves super quickly!
your burritos sounds amazing!! xo

PaisleyJade said...

He's so cute!

Gee said...

Oh geez!! So I haven't visited your blog in a bit and I'm reading all of the latest entries...loving them all!! AND THEN...I come to this one!! Seriously...I'm trying not to cry here!! How did my babies get to be adult women with babies of their own?? does go by in a blink so relish every second!! Love you to pieces!!

Emily Ann Wilson said...

cutest photo!