Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ikea & Pyrex.

I love Ikea.
I don't go there often enough but every time I do I'm so happy with the deals I find there.
I went this weekend to buy a kid's table and chairs for outside. 
I wasn't happy with the ones at Toys R Us and the Pottery Barn ones are awesome but ridiculously priced.
So Ikea I went.

Here's what I found...
It's plastic, it's durable, and the colors are nice and bright. 

Of course I didn't just shop the kids section, I had to make my way through the whole store.
Which then led me to wanting a total remodel of our kitchen. 
On second thought maybe I shouldn't have gone through the entire store, but I'm glad I did because I couldn't pass up some great deals.
 Storage Tins: $2.99 (for all 3!)
I have no idea what I'm going to use them for, but I love the design and colors, so I couldn't leave them behind.

Ice Cream Sand Toys: $2.99
Mango Scented Candle: $1.99
Seriously, I can't pass up a toy that makes dessert, plus we need new sand toys.
And this candle makes me want to lay in hammock on a tropical beach.
I can dream.

Planter: $1.99
I needed a new pot for my plant and this was just the right size.
And for that cheap price I had to get it. 

I also got some practical stuff for the house but nothing fancy and fun to show.
Bottom line, go to Ikea and get yourself some fun stuff on the cheap.

I have an obsession with bowls. 
New, old, expensive, cheap. 
You name it, I love them.
Ask my husband, our cupboards are full of them. 
What I don't have is the primary colored set of Pyrex mixing bowls...until now.
My sister found a set at a garage sale this weekend and bought them for me.

Do you see that price tag? Only 30 bucks!
I saw the same set, in just about the same condition a few days ago for $55.
Not too bad.
I'm super excited to add these to my growing collection.
Now, if only I could figure out where to put them. 


theolivetree said...

I am sooo super jealous of that kids table and that you have an IKEA closer than an 8 hour road trip...lol :) Nice finds!!

katie said...

I love IKEA, too. Just the fact that I can put my kids in the playroom, and walk around by myself for one hour is worth the drive or me. : ) Love you new bowls!

Erin said...

i love the ikea stuff! and the bowls too of course :)

hannah singer said...

IKEA!! woohoo!
your bowls are fabulous! i LOVE dishes-especially vintage ones!


the girl in the red shoes said...

Hi Adrian! I'm Erin's friend from high school...the one who had the garage sale! I'm so glad you like the pyrex bowls. My mom will be happy to know they went to a good home! I have a set too and they are my favorite!