Monday, June 13, 2011


It's been one of those days.
One where everything seems like it should go fine but then little things throw it into a tail spin.
Here's the rundown:

* Jacob woke up at 5:15, enough said.

* Ethan slept too late this morning.
(Some of you might be thinking, "How wonderful." Wrong. That usually means no nap.)

* Ethan didn't want to brush his teeth which resulted in a meltdown outside for all the neighbors to hear. Wonderful.

* I had on a cute outfit when I left the house and was going to take a picture of myself but didn't have time. As I drove the car, talking on my cell (hands-free), and eating yogurt I spilled some on my sweater, my phone and my seat.
Why on earth did I ever think eating yogurt while driving was a good idea?
And now, no cute photo.

* I dumped half the contents of my diaper bag in the middle of the Target.

* I discovered much too late that Ethan had been leaving a trail of popcorn throughout Target.

* Got charged double, three times at Target, only to find out when I got home. 
(needless to say, Target was not my friend today)

* In 5 minutes I managed to spill coffee on the front of my white shirt, break a mug and shatter a bowl.
All while Jacob tried to unload the dishwasher, fell and smacked his head on the floor. 

* Ethan did not nap.

* The cooking rice boiled over onto the newly cleaned stove and the chicken I cooked wasn't so yummy.

Most of the time when stuff like this happens I get mad, sometimes really mad, and I let it ruin my whole day. I get short with Brett and snappy with the kids. 

But not today.
I didn't let it bother me. I just laughed it off. Let it all slide off my back. 
I'm finally learning that everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time and I don't have control over the situations in front of me.
  But I do have control over my reactions.
I'm often quick to react negatively and slow to react positively.
A horrible trait that I am not proud of. 

So I'm learning and teaching myself to be the opposite.
It's hard work, but worth it, for me and my family.
Because in the end I want nothing more than to be the best I can be for these three guys.

Brett is going to hate me for putting up this photo, but it's the only recent one I've got. Love you, Babe!

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he calls me wifey said...

i'm sorry about your day pretty lady, but at least that photo you posted is super cute!!

i hope your Tuesday is better than your Monday <3

katie said...

Okay, that sounds like a pretty bad day. I think I would have lost it after a few of those things. But your great perspective got you through it all. Good job!

Erin said...

monday, monday....
tuesdays are always better as they are one day closer to friday! :)

Alyss said...

What an eventful day! It takes a lot of practice and reminding to finally "get it" and just let things go. So glad you were able to this time!

Gee said...

OH LIFE!! Well sounds like you made lemonade with the lemons!! I'm so proud!! :)

hannah singer said...

bless your heart. your attitude is inspiring, thanks for sharing and encouraging me!