Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: June 2011

Ten on Ten is ten photos for ten hours on the tenth of every month. 

I haven't participated in awhile and I was so glad to remember today.

6:00am, Early morning coffee run.
7:00am, Breakfast.
8:00am, Heading out.
9:00am, Estate sale find.
10:00am, Waiting for the street sweeper.
11:00am, Playing.
12:00pm, Worn out shoes.
1:00pm, The mess.
2:00pm, Birthday gift shopping.
3:00pm, Learning to use a sippy cup.

I hope you've had a wonderful day.
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Now I'm off to bed. I've been up since about 4:30ish and I'm more than tired. 


katie said...

Thank goodness someone else has a counter that looks like mine! Also, love the waiting for the street sweeper. It is the small things. : )

theolivetree said...

I love that typewriter! And now I think I need some Starbucks :)

Katie said...

Your little guy is the cutest. He has lovely eyes!! And what day would be complete without a Starbucks run?!

Katie-Lyn said...

Hi Ade!

I ♥ estate sales...& that typewriter is a fabulous find! Maybe we can go on an estate sale venture together on my next visit to southern Cali.

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Gypsy Dust Vintage
I'll be using my blogger exclusively for shop news.

P.S. Have you heard of Pinterest?? Check it out: Pinterest. Send me a message with your email addy if you want an invite.

♥ you!

Erin said...

the typewriter is such a find!

hannah singer said...

i would've needed three of those coffees at that hour! lol! great photos-super sweet typewriter! xo

TheUnSoccerMom said...

over from 10 on 10!

Looks like we started our day in a very similar way on the 10th! :o)

Just wish I could have also gone to an estate sale! lucky!! :o)

Emily Ann Wilson said...

i'll repeat: THAT TYPEWRITER!!!