Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Little Band.

I was in the kitchen the other morning making breakfast and when I walked into the living room this is how I found the boys.
"The Lewis Brothers Band"
The headphones are killing me.
When he "DJ's" he has to wear them. 
I think he considers them to be an essential part of music making. 
I can't wait to show him these videos years from now. 

Also, I love how the boys are starting to play together.
It's so fun to watch them interact with one another and "talk" to each other.
I can already see the bond they are starting to form. 
It's priceless. 
Enjoy your Saturday afternoon.


Gee said...

I love the way that Jacob looks at's sooo cute!! :)

Erin said...

so cute! young prodigies? hahaha

hannah singer said...

AHHHH! so cute! cracked me up with those sweet headphones:) thanks for the smile! xo

Emily Ann Wilson said...

this is the greatest video in the world!!!