Friday, December 31, 2010


I don't make resolutions too often. It's not that I don't believe in them, it's just that I've never really been big on them. I feel differently this year looking ahead. I feel that so much has changed this year and as I look forward to the new year I would like to make some goals for myself and my family. 
2010 has been exciting, stressful, life changing, fun-filled and challenging. 

In 2010...
Ethan played in the snow for the first time. 
We went on our first camping trip as a family.
I quit my job to become a full time stay at home mom.
We spent a day at Disneyland for the first time together. 
Brett took a new position at work.
Ethan turned 2 and his personality has grown beyond words. 
We welcomed Jacob into our lives. 
Before my own eyes my baby was no longer a baby anymore, but a big brother. 
We've slept very little.
I've watched my boys love one another. 
I fell in love with a tiny baby smile and giggle all over again. 

2010 has not been easy for me. While there have been many wonderful things that have taken place, obviously, it's also been a hard one. So I'm looking forward to 2011.

In 2011...
I want to eat better for myself and my family.
Take life less seriously.
Get Ethan potty trained. (This will have to happen. He has no choice.)
Go on a mini-vacation with Brett, alone, no kids. 
Learn more about the pictures I am taking and how to edit them.
Read more.
Step outside my comfort zone and try something totally different and new. 
Communicate better with Brett. 
Go to church.
Make lasting memories as a family of four. 

So long 2010, it was a year of great change and growth, and now it's time to jump into 2011 with enthusiasm and excitement.
Happy New Year!

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hannah singer said...

happy new year!
(our 2011 plans are the same!)