Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at Our House.

Christmas this year is going to be at our house.
It's a first for us.
We usually go to my in-laws house Christmas day but they had major water damage happen to their condo and to make a long story short, they have no home for a couple of months. Yikes!
So Christmas will be celebrated at our house this year. 
I'm pretty excited because I love having people in the house, we love to cook and the biggest bonus of all, I don't have to pack up the kids and go anywhere. Woop, woop!!
This week I plan on baking a ton, cooking, wrapping, listening to Christmas music, and spending an obscene amount of time with my family. 
So while we prepare to celebrate at our house I thought I'd share how we decorate to get in the festive spirit.
The last little ornament is my new favorite. As a new tradition, I plan on making at least one ornament a year with my kids, as long as they will let me. 
What are your Christmas plans this year? 
Have you started any new traditions?

And just because he's way too cute...


he calls me wifey said...

How exciting to be doing something new this year! I love the picture in the frame that says "CHEER", haha. That's hilarious.

katie-lyn said...

so much fun! give my LOVE to everyone. miss you all SO MUCH!

you may be interested in checking out The Crafty Crow. there are some really great projects you will just ADORE doing with your kiddos! let me know what you think.