Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Weekend Of Firsts.

Friday after Thanksgiving we headed out to Parker, Arizona for the weekend with my family.
It was our first time traveling as a family of four and I was anxious about the four and a half hour drive. 
I wasn't too sure how Jacob would do and I thought surely we would be stopping a million times. 
Turns out he's a great traveler. I sat in the back seat with the kids when they were awake and that seemed to make them happy. Plus the DVD player we borrowed from my grandparents for Ethan kept him pretty occupied. Whatever did we do without TV's in the car? 
When we got there on Friday afternoon we headed out in the boat to watch my dad ski. It was a bit too cold for Jacob, but Ethan was excited to watch his Papa ski for the first time. 

Later that night we had our first fire at the river. Ethan's hooked on having a fire every night now.
The next day we took Ethan out to ride a motorcycle for the first time. He is in love and didn't want to get off. I can't wait for him to have his own little bike someday.

Jacob hung out with me most of the time.
And was in a great mood for a little while. Maybe it had something to due with the fact that he slept almost through the night, another first. He did the next night also, but it hasn't happened since. 
The kids loved being in the dirt, riding motorcycles and riding the Rhino. I think we have ourselves some future desert rats.
The rest of the weekend we just laid low. The kids watched movies, we ate leftover Thanksgiving food, played in the sand, watched boats go by, had tons of pomegranate seeds, and relaxed. 

My kind of weekend.

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Gee said...

OH that was fun, fun, fun!!! :) And...Papa with the silly face...priceless!!