Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stevie and Rod.

They were amazing. 
They were fantastic.
They were spectacular.

Sunday night I had a wonderful time listening to Ms. Stevie Nicks and Mr. Rod Stewart sing to a packed crowd at the Hollywood Bowl. My mom was generous enough to get tickets for herself, my sisters and I so we could attend.
I have been a fan of both since the day I was born, that goes for my sisters too.
You see, growing up we didn't watch classic movies like Sound of Music or watch cartoons like the Smurfs.
From sun up to sun down we listened to music.
Good music.
Oldies, Classic Rock, Pop, you name it we listened to it.
To this day I am a huge fan of 80's and early 90's music, thanks to my parents.
I have so many memories with my family with music as a huge focal point.
So it was only fitting that my mom, sisters and I would want to see Stevie and Rod in concert.
I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl (shame on me) and the venue is outstanding.
I recommend that everyone go if they have the chance. 
I was only able to get a couple of photos since I technically was not supposed to have my camera with me. 
It's not like I could have captured their awesomeness with my camera anyway.
Ms. Stevie
Me and Erin
Mr. Rod
Thanks mom for the tickets and the wonderful night. 
It was a blast.


katie said...

Sounds like so much fun! I love that pic of your mom!

hannah singer said...

such a good time for y'all! wow.

Gee said...