Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lunch & Summer.

Today we had lunch outside. 
The weather the last couple of days has been wonderful. 
Perfect eat outside weather.

It's not like we never eat outside, actually we do quite often, but I usually don't think twice about it.

But today, as we were eating outside, I started thinking about summer and all the fun stuff I'll get to do with the kids this year.
Last summer I was hugely pregnant with Jacob, and while I didn't work most of the summer, I didn't want to do much. No one really does when they are huge with their second child. 

But this summer will be different. 
I won't be working and I won't be pregnant. 
We can go to the beach whenever we want.
We can pack up and leave for the River whenever we want.
We can go to the park whenever we want.
We can swim in my parent's pool whenever we want.
We can do whatever we want, whenever we want.

I can't wait. 
Seriously, can't wait.


hannah singer said...

wow! you have me thinking summer now too! yeehaw! xo you capture the sweetest photos-love 'em!

he calls me wifey said...

oh my goodness, SO CUTE!!