Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy {but not really}.

I realized today that I haven't posted for a while.
I just haven't been in the mood. 
I haven't been reading as many blogs and I haven't been commenting as much as usual. 
I guess I've been in sort of a blog funk. 

We've been sort of busy these past few days while I haven't been blogging.
Not crazy, overwhelming busy, just busy with things to do here and there. 
It's been nice.
We've been spending quality time together as a family, alone time to get re-energized, and couple time to reconnect. 
Like I said, it's been nice.

I also realized I haven't been taking too many photos. 
Part of me is happy because that means I'm taking part in the moments that are happening and I'm not watching behind the lens. 
But part of me is sad because some of those moments will never be captured for me to see again. 
Hopefully they will stay in my mind for as long as possible.

Here are some of the moments I did capture and I'd like to share.

I love the way Jacob is looking at Ethan in this picture.

I have a couple videos I might add tomorrow, if I feel up to it, but for now both boys are asleep so I'm off to bed.


Erin said...

cute pictures :)

katie said...

I love the pics of your boys. We have a house of boys too. I especially love the pics of your boys in their pj's. There is nothing cuter than kiddos in pajamas. I get in blog funks too. You'll get your mojo again!

Emily Ann Wilson said...

great photos, that first one is so so so cute!!!

hannah singer said...

i love seeing sweet posts like this. and the photos?! adorable!