Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bedroom Updated.

I'll start out by saying that I have always loved our bedroom. The color of the walls, the furniture and the bedding. I haven't always loved the decor in our bedroom. When we moved into our house we threw up some artwork we already had, put some random frames here and there, but nothing really matched or flowed. 
In redoing the kids room I came to the conclusion that the framed artwork I had in there was not going to work. Two big wooden frames with glass hanging over Ethan's head while sleeping is no good since we live in California. 
But I love the artwork and didn't want to get rid of them, so I moved them to our room.
I love it. They match perfectly and add so much to the walls. We only had one framed picture over the dresser before and nothing on the other wall. This has made the room so much cozier.
(Sorry no before pics, but my pregnant mind is not thinking clearly lately.)
I added a new lamp...$30 from Pier 1 on sale, deal!
I found this cute little dish at an estate sale this weekend, perfect for Brett's watch and miscellaneous stuff.
Then I filled these 2 jars with some shells I had left over from Ethan's 1st birthday and placed them on our bookcase.
And last but not least I ordered this cute little pillow from Pottery Barn to add to our bed.
I had some money left over from a gift card, and I waited for it to go on sale, so I only spend about $10. 
I can't wait for it to get here.
It's amazing how just a few little additions can drastically change the look of a room.
I'm really happy with all of it.
And Ethan is too!


Emily Ann Wilson said...

your child should really consider a modeling career. SO photogenic!

Gee said...

oh geez...that little face!!!