Sunday, August 8, 2010

We're Nesting.

Yes, we're nesting. All of us. 
There has been much to do around here for the upcoming arrival of baby number 2 and everyone of us is pitching in. 
My first project was the kid's closet. I had been throwing stuff in here for the last 2 years and it had become somewhat of a disaster.
I decided that I would need more drawer space for baby number 2 and instead of installing shelves, we bought a dresser that would fit inside. Then I cleaned out and organized the heck out of the closet. Everything has a place now which makes me a very happy Mama. 
I've also cleaned out just about every other closet and cupboard in the house. I'm definitely on my way to having this baby. 
Brett was busy the other night building Ethan's new big boy bed. 
He has yet to sleep in it, which is fine by me. I'll have more pictures later on, once the room is complete. We're almost there. 
Another huge project for Brett has been re-organizing our garage. We had very little shelving and as Ethan has gotten older the garage has become more and more non-kid friendly. 
So we went to Sear's and came home with all this. 
And my backyard has looked like this for the last few days.
But it's almost finished and complete!
And what has Ethan been doing while all this work has been taking place you ask? 
Well helping of course.
And playing with lots of Dad's tools.

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