Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've been so busy lately, although you would think with me not working it wouldn't be that way. I've been filling the days with doing fun stuff with Ethan and preparing for Jacob. 
So here's a brief overview of the last few days, and I'll be posting pictures later.

*We went to the aquarium on Friday and had a fabulous time. Ethan really loves the fish and runs around the place like he owns it. 

*My mom and sisters threw an intimate shower for me and Jacob on Saturday. It was small and fabulous!

*On Sunday Ethan woke up in a terrible mood so Brett and I decided to head over to the park were there was an old car show, for free. Bonus! It calmed him down for a bit but what he really needed was a good nap. After he woke up the rest of the day was relaxing.

*The garage and kid's room is almost done. I just need to add a couple things here and there and the kid's room will be done. Brett just has a little more organizing to do and then the garage will be finished. 

*We're having a small garage sale on Saturday morning. Brett says he's going to get up early enough but I have my doubts. I'm just going to make a huge pot of coffee and place a cup right under his nose. That should do the trick.

*I forgot to do an 8 month pregnancy update, opps! So here's the latest...I'm now going to the doctor every week since I am a little over 36 weeks. I got the blood work for my platelet count back and my numbers were back up. Hallelujah! This means I can get the epidural with no problems. I'm getting really tires, cranky, and irritated more easily. I'm pretty much ready for this to be over. Plus I am extremely uncomfortable and I just want to be normal again, which I know will still be a long time from now. Yesterday I was having contractions that were all over the place. Sometimes 30 minutes apart, sometimes an hour or two. I had a doctor's appointment, and she checked me out and said I was dilated about 1-2 centimeters. So nothing to get excited about. His heart rate is still really good and strong and everything is looking great. We're just waiting since it could be any day now. Brett and I both think I might have him on the 28th, so we shall see.

I think that's it for now. Pictures are coming soon!

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Gee said...

Oh please do not forget a belly pix!! :)