Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jacob {in action}.

I can't believe how much Jacob is changing every day. 
I have not taken much video of him, which I really should. 
I swore I would never be that mom to have less photos and video of the second kid. I'm trying. 

Here is some of what he can say these days. 
Oh and he can flex his muscles.

He had just finished dinner which explains the mess. 
Every day he says something new and he's communicating with us more and more.
It really is amazing to watch him learn and soak it all in.

He has also become quite the helper.
He needs to have something to do at all times.
He's not one for sitting and reading a book. He's on the move all day so I try to come up with as much for him to do as possible.
He really likes to help with the laundry, especially loading the dryer and it doesn't matter if the clothes are dirty, clean, wet or dry.

So that's our little man as of today.
Full of energy, excitement, giggles and mischief.
Oh how I love him so.


theolivetree said...

awwww! He is adorable! We have way less photos/videos of our second but that is b/c he was a such a almost every photo 0-10 months he is screaming ;)

Gee said...

This was so cute and the laundry? Seriously? Send him right over!! :)

Emily Ann Wilson said...

i love him doing the laundry! these are cute, cute, cute videos.