Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catching Up.

Oh hi there.
Did I fall off the face of the earth?
We've just been super busy as I am sure the rest of the world has been. 
Days have gone by without me even thinking about blogging or checking my reader, which is now ridiculously full. There is no way I will ever be able to read all I have missed but life will go on.

With that said, I thought I would catch all of you up on what's been happening around here.

For Christmas this year my parents bought my sisters and our families passes to Disneyland.
I haven't had one in years and I am so excited. 
The kids loved it even though we only went on 2 rides and stayed for a short while.
We will definitely be getting good use out of these this year. 

We had brunch with Brett's parents last weekend and the boys got to meet Santa.
Jacob did a lot better than I had anticipated.
 And we even managed to get a decent family picture in.

I made these yummy little treats. Pinterest has given me way to many ideas, especially in the sweets department.

Ethan had his first preschool Christmas party and program.
He sat up on that stage so cute and shy looking and only put his hands down his pants once. 

 Little voices singing about the birth of Jesus and little heads bowed to pray is the sweetest thing ever.
 We tried to get a photo of all the cousins together and well you can see how that went.
We celebrated Christmas early with Brett's family this year since they will be out of town.
I took like five pictures. Horrible.
Brett got the iPad 2 which he could not be more happy.
 This is the only picture I took of Jacob, proof that he was there. 
Oh that little face.
 Ethan and his cousin received rival football uniforms.
 It was nice celebrating a week early. Ethan had been asking to open presents for the last week and this way he didn't have to wait as long. Plus the kids get to play with all their new stuff now and then some again on Christmas morning. Works for me. 

Mister Jacob's personality is getting funnier and funnier each day.
He cracks me up.

I had to get reading glasses and I have to say, I like them. 

Lastly, and not my favorite, my boy is sick.
He has a bit of the stomach flu, which seems to be better today, but oh last night was pitiful.
I have never felt so badly for this little one ever.
I'm really just thankful he didn't get sick closer to Christmas.
Now I am just praying we all don't get it. 

That's been what happening with us. 
Can you see why I haven't blogged much?


april@gingerbread said...

GO RAIDERS!!! xoxo

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I love your glasses. That pic of you is adorable. Sorry your guy had the stomach flu. Ugh, that is the worst!

hannah singer said...

merry christmas, adrian!
hooray for disneyland, what a perfect gift!