Tuesday, March 1, 2011

155 Days Ago.

155 days ago, approximately six months ago, at around six o'clock at night, I was standing in my kitchen making macaroni and cheese for Ethan.
Not long before then I was at my OB's office. She told me I was dilated to 4 and I would be having my baby any time now.
So as I was making macaroni and cheese I started having contractions. I ignored them and continued making Ethan's dinner.
When Brett walked into the kitchen and saw me standing there with my head on the counter, taking deep breaths, he insisted that I sit down.
I kept making dinner.
I was in denial and truly thought I was not having my second baby, at least not that day.
In just 2 short hours my contractions were only 3 minutes apart and we were off to the hospital, and I was still in denial.
Within minutes of being at the hospital my contractions were a minute apart and I was being wheeled into the delivery room.
As the pain was getting worse and worse, it suddenly hit me, "Oh crap. We're having another baby. I'm actually going to give birth to a baby boy in a few hours. We are going to have two boys. We are responsible for two little people."
My entire pregnancy had gone by so quickly since I was taking care of Ethan, working, cleaning, playing, and just plain living, that I forgot to think about the end result.
I mean I thought about it but I didn't really think about.
So it hit me. I was having another baby.
I started to feel nervous, anxious, excited, sad, happy…all the things that I'm most certain every woman about to give birth feels.
Then ten hours later, we met Jacob Nathan.

When I saw him all my fears and anxiety melted away.
I was in love. Again.
In just the few short six months he has been here our life has changed dramatically.
Some days have been the best I have ever had. Some days have been the worst I have ever had.
I wouldn't change any of it.
I love him tremendously. I love the dynamic that he adds to our family. I love his little face, his little hands, his little scrunched up nose. I love every bit of him.
I'm so very grateful for what took place 155 days ago.



Aunt Pam said...

i love this post...it brought a tear to my eye (and down my cheek ;)

Gee said...

Me too!! :)