Monday, March 21, 2011

Marking My Calendar.

Well I did it.
I registered for this, sure to be lovely, event.
It's a little ways away but I'm excited.
And my sister Erin is going with me. She just started blogging and I'm happy to have a friend to go with. 

In a few weeks I'll be seeing this pair in concert.
I grew up listening to Rod and Stevie and I can't wait to hear them live. 
It'll be awesome, I'm sure of it.

Then just a few days later I'm going to this.
If you've never heard a song of Mumford & Sons, get on iTunes right now and have a listen. 
I love them.
I listen to them everyday.
Ok, I'm a bit obsessed.
So needless to say, I'm so overly excited about seeing them live.
Plus, the whole concept of this tour is amazing. Check out their website here.

Last but not least, I'm seeing the cast of Glee live.
I imagine my ears will be happy for days and days upon hearing these fine people sing.

So there you have it. 
A few things that are filling up my calendar and making me one happy gal.


hannah singer said...

shut up!! Stevie!?!? jealous!

you live an exciting life, very fun calendar lineup!

(and i'll meet you in September!)

Erin said...

And I will be attending all of these amazing things right along with you! we have an exciting couple of months ahead!

Emily Ann Wilson said...

oh man, great upcoming music! gonna be so fun