Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here and There.

I've decided that I can't blog that often. 
I just don't have the time. 
There's a lot that goes on around here daily and I'm finding that I have more and more to write about but I don't have time to post it.
I'll post as often as I can, and want to, but it will kind of be a mixture of happenings when I do.
Here's the first of what will probably be many ramblings. 

I don't have many pictures with my little man and I like this one, so I thought I'd share.

We went to Monster Truck Jam this past weekend. 
Ethan had a blast and of course his favorite was Grave Digger.
I love the big headphones and I love that he wanted to wear them the whole time. 

Ethan has formed quite an obsession with tongs lately. Yep, that's right, tongs of all things.
So we made up a new game.
Pick up all the play fruit and veggies with the tongs, put them in the basket, then dump it out again. 
 He's very serious about it.
Forget expensive toys that you can't afford, just get some tongs and play food. Hours of entertainment.

Ethan and his cousin JT are super cool.

I bought this camera strap the other day.
I've been looking for a strap for awhile but nothing had caught my eye until I saw this one. 
Plus the little stitched camera batch is too much fun.
If you want one go here to Knitty Bitties.
Her stuff is super cute. 

Jacob slept for 7 hours straight last night and woke up happy. 
This makes me one happy Mama. And he's got the cutest little face ever.

We went to the park today and fed the ducks.
I'm loving Abby's outfits of choice lately.
Jacob chilled and hung out with Great Grandma. 
 Baby Lucy slept.
And Ethan collected pine cones. 
It's been a good day. 
Actually it's been a good week.


he calls me wifey said...

These pictures are so cute! I especially love the Gravedigger ones. Dave (the hubs) goes every chance he gets and has always said that he's going to take our son(s).

Thanks for sharing about the camera strap, it's so adorable!

House of Lovelock said...

Just saw a comment from you on my cousin hannah's blog! We live near each other, I guess! I recognize the pier in you photo - so fun to see someone else from my area on a blog! - ashley

hannah singer said...

adrian, i LOVE the tongs, your kiddo is a genius. we have play food (everywhere) and i am bustin' out the tongs after nap:)