Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Day.

When I woke up in the morning I was grumpy.
Jacob had slept horribly and at 6am I had already declared Valentine's Day as ruined. 
I was being a grouch.
By 8am I decided I needed to change my attitude.
Sweet stuff always makes me feel better so when Ethan woke up we made these. 
I realized that I had never made blueberry pancakes before. It will definitely be happening more often. 

We then headed over to my sister's house for a Valentine's party with all the kids. 

 Trying to get a picture with all five kids is pretty much impossible right now.

I love having nieces because I get to buy them all the cute girlie stuff, especially at Valentine's day, that I don't get to buy for my boys.

My sister made edible play dough and finger paint which was obviously a hit.

Jacob slept most of the party but he sure did look cute in this Valentine's Day get-up. 
When we got home from my sister's we had no power. 
That meant I couldn't open the fridge so I wasn't able to make the dinner I had planned for the night.
So Brett had to get take-out...Bummer. 
After dinner the boys opened their gifts from me, we had ice cream sundaes, then watched a movie. I also tried to get a picture of the boys together. It was not happening.

Brett and I never really do much for one another on Valentine's Day but one thing is for sure, he knows the way to my heart is not through flowers, but through sweets. 
A nice way to end the evening.
It was a great first Valentine's Day with my all my boys.

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