Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Randomness.

The boys were sick yesterday with what seems to have just been a 24 hour bug.
I'm pretty sure I have changed more diapers in the last 48 hours than I have in 2 weeks.
Oh and Ethan's description of being sick, "my eggs jumped out of his mouth and went in the chair". 
Enough said.
For most of the day Jacob and I hung out like this...
 See his little hand tucked in my shirt. So adorable.
Ethan ate a ton of chicken noodle soup and made a huge mess.
I told Brett that I needed a lot of caffeine to get me through the day and a big iced latte would do the trick.
He returned with this...
It's 32 ounces. I didn't exactly mean that huge. 

The boys are much better today, thank goodness, but we've still just been hanging around the house having a lazy Sunday. The house is clean and tonight we're having a fabulous dinner with my parents. That makes for a great Sunday if you ask me. 

Jacob has recently discovered his feet which keeps him entertained for quite some time. 
Who needs toys, right? 
He's also discovered TV.
I am fine with him watching some TV throughout the day if it lets me change Ethan's clothes, fix lunch and go to the bathroom. It keeps me from going crazy. 

Ethan had a friend over for lunch today. 
Do you see him?
He gave him a bite of his apples, some of his PB&J and kissed him a couple of times. 
It was a nice little lunch date. 

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


Rad Runner said...

omg that teeny tiny boy has turned into a baby not an infant overnight!?! what happened?! BRING HIM TO WORK!!!! :) I can multitask, I want to see em! :) At least that coffee could keep you awake to party after they went to bed? :)

Gee said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday!! Dinner was fab and spending time with you and yours was even better!! Thanks a ton!! :) Love you!!