Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tid Bits.

I'm no longer terrified of taking both kids out by myself. 
Yesterday we successfully went on a walk for 30 minutes without any crying.
Today we made it through Target as if we were pros. 
I know it sounds really silly but my confidence was boosted. I also know that there will be a day when all hell breaks loose and I will most likely leave a shopping cart full of items in the middle of Target and march my kids out of the store. I'm just happy it wasn't today.

Tomorrow I'm going to be participating in Thankful on Paper. I don't usually do stuff like this but I thought it would be a good way to express my gratitude to some of the most important people in my life. Honestly, I feel that I don't say "Thank You" enough and what better way than to express it in written form.

My Aunt Pam gave me this the night of our pumpkin carving party and I love it. Very cute and clever.

 Unfortunately the flowers are starting to die due to the crazy heat we've been having. It's literally killing me.

I voted today. Did you? It's such a great thing to exercise your right to vote. Something I take for granted living in our great country. I can't imagine living somewhere that would not allow me that right.

Ethan's been doing two things lately that make me crack up.
First, he puts random things on top of my head, stickers, rubber bands, toy cars, and says, "You princess." Yep, that's right buddy...I am.
Secondly, when it's time to go to bed or take a nap he puts his hand up and says, "5 minutes, Ok? Ok." Where has he learned to negotiate already?

Ethan is also rather obsessed with Jacob. While eating lunch today I was holding Jacob and he insisted twice that I bring Jacob over to him so he could kiss him. He gives him a little kiss on the head and then puts his forehead to Jacobs and says, "Awwww". He's so sweet to him that it makes me want to cry.

Lastly, here's the little pumpkin as I write. Snug and sleeping.
By the way, he slept 6 hours straight last night. Cross your fingers this becomes a trend.

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