Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On Sunday Brett and I attended a silent auction. 
I won the basket called, "Girls Night Out", which included five chick flicks, a popcorn bowl and all the makings for popcorn.
I haven't watched any of the flicks yet since I don't have any chicks at home but we did make the popcorn tonight.
I have never made popcorn at home. I mean I've put the Orville Redenbacher bag in the microwave before, but I've never made it on the stove. 
Here's the fixin's. Fancy Williams Sonoma Popcorn.
The excitement coming out of him was almost more than he could handle. He was seriously shaking.
And the laughter coming out of him was almost too much for me to bear.
He's seen popcorn being popped before, at Target, but apparently at home it's much more entertaining.
He was proud of his finished product.
(and seriously this cheesy smile he's got going on is killing me)
My advice to all you with wee little ones...get some kernels of corn and pop away.
It'll make an evening full of fun and entertainment.


Gee said...

Oh...I loved this!!! The microwave just does not compare!! Glad you bought it!! AND...have me and the sisters (mine and yours) over for popcorn and the chick flicks!! I'll bring the air popper...if I still have it (or can find it!!) :)

Emily Ann Wilson said...

photo 2 is incredible. pure joy!