Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins and Costumes.

On Friday night we held our annual Pumpkin Carving Party.
Our friends and family joined us for some good food and lots of pumpkin carving. 
I almost didn't want to have the party this year since I thought having an infant and throwing a party would be stressful, and I was right, it was, but it was so worth it. Everyone always has a good time and really who wants to carve pumpkins alone. It's always better in a group. Plus we had prizes this year so that made it even better.  
Ethan started by helping Emily with her pumpkin.
 The girls enjoyed their pumpkins this year too.

Ethan was intent on getting every seed out. 
The good thing about having a party is that Jacob was passed around from one person to the next, which meant that my arms got a nice break.

No party is complete without cupcakes.
Pumpkins Galore.
Our little family of four carving away. 
It was a great night of carving!

With pumpkin carving done we were then ready for Halloween.
Ethan had been talking about his costume all week long but when the time came to put it on he wasn't too excited about it. So we made a big deal about how awesome he looked in it, plus I bribed him with some M&M's, and he wore it. 
Here's my little monkey and tiny skeleton.
We headed over to Erin's house to have dinner and go trick or treating. 
Jacob was too hot in his costume so he's now a little football player. 
The kids had a blast trick or treating.

 Yes that's Brett. He was dressed up as Jamarcus Russell, the dead Raider. Only Raider fans get it and a few loyal fans we passed by thought it was quite clever.
After a little bit of trick or treating we headed to the park down the street for a little carnival they have there. The kids got to play a few silly games which resulted in more candy, it was perfect for them. 
They had a great night. Abby even told Erin that it was the best party she had ever had in the whole world. Too sweet. 
Happy Halloween!!

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