Friday, February 17, 2012


It's Friday!!
Here's my cell pics of the week.

Lunch one day.
 For Brett's birthday I took him to the swanky restaurant.
We had never been and the food was divine.
I also brought along a little activity for us to do over dinner. 
I found this questionnaire in a magazine and I thought it would be fun. 
We had a great time with it and learned a few new things about one another. 
Ethan made chocolate chip cookies for Brett's birthday, so we paired it with Brett's favorite ice cream, mint n' chip.
 Valentine's Day shoes.
 Ethan likes to take pictures of me with my phone.
 My little pirate.
 Jacob thought it would be a good idea to walk around the house eating his cereal.
Surprisingly he didn't spill it.
Brett comes home today, he actually on a plane right this minute. 
We miss him. It'll be good to have him home.
Happy weekend everyone!
life rearranged

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theolivetree said...

I love mint chip ice cream!!! no one else in my house does so I only eat it when we go to the ice cream shop!