Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Found {beautifully rooted}.

Last week a new website was launched called Beautifully Rooted.
A ton of my favorite bloggers are contributing and so far I've really enjoyed each post.
I was especially interested in one of the posts, or challenges really.
The challenge was to be intentional about capturing God
in your everyday life through your camera lens.
Perfect, easy, no brainer.
I take a zillion pictures a day, this would be a piece of cake.

Only problem, it wasn't.
In my head I had the grand idea of what my photograph should look like and I imagined an immense emotion would burst out of the image. 
It wasn't happening.
I was trying too hard to capture what I believed would be amazing instead of letting it just come to me.
I decided I had nothing worthy since my photographs were not "good enough".

Then while I was outside this evening, I looked up.

The sun was setting, orange and pink clouds filled the blue sky.
I called the boys into the backyard so they could see the colors change as the sky grew darker.
We began a conversation about God and His creation, were He lives, and what He looks like.

And then it hit me, all this week while I was looking behind the camera, trying so hard to get the perfect image, I was missing what was in front of me the whole time.
God's amazing creation and the opportunity for my children to learn about Him.
How many times during the day do I stop and take in God's creation?
 How many times during the day do I share God's amazing creativity with my kids?
Sadly, far too little.

So, no my photograph is not perfect, it's not even good at best.
But it's not about the photograph, it's about what this photograph represents and the lesson I learned today.


hannah singer said...

amen. and you know what? i think the photo IS perfect. loved how you found HIM, adrian!


Laura@Splendor said...

love this!! gorgeous colors.

Gee said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts dear girl!! And true!!