Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cooking {pinterest style}.

If you have yet to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon I suggest you do so.
I'm not as addicted as I thought I would be and it really has given me some great ideas for the house, the boys, me, parties and all things food related.
So I thought I'd share some of the great recipes I've found on Pinterest.

This was super creamy and rich but we all loved it.

This mexican pizza was great but it makes two. So share with your neighbor!

These make a wonderful little snack or appetizer. Great idea!

I've made this 3 times already since I've pinned it.
It's great as tacos but we liked it even better in a salad.
We added romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, could go on and on.

This is good but it didn't make a ton, plus it was too spicy for the boys.
So Brett and I ate it and they got chicken nuggets that night.

And lastly, tonight I am making this.
I haven't baked it yet but I already had a taste test and I think we have a winner.

So do you make what you pin?
And if so, share with me your faves!


he calls me wifey said...

dang girl, these all look and sound SO GOOD. i'm gonna have to try them.

find me on pinterest! andrea carpenter-heffernan :)

Nancy said...

I love the cilantro lime chicken. Holy yum. ISn't that rad and easy???

hannah singer said...

whoa. awesome finds, adrian! yum! xo

theolivetree said...

so glad you have tried these! The first one looks great!!

of to see your pins ;)