Friday, January 27, 2012


I haven't been taking many pictures with my phone lately but here's a few I've got.

We went to a birthday party and in the goodie bags were these fun glasses. 
The boys thought they were hilarious.
 Break dancing happens just about every day in our house.
 We've been on a french toast kick lately.
What better way to start the day than full of sugar.
 Ethan and I had a little date one night.
We love Golden Spoon. The peanut butter cup flavor is my favorite.
 We had a very rainy day this week so the boys got to eat popcorn and watch movies all day.
p.s. please notice Jacob's face. He's saying, "cheeeese" with a mouth full of popcorn. He's such a ham these days.
 Time out together.
 Rad came over to play with the boys and she wanted her picture with them in the front yard. 
They're too cute.
Enjoy your weekend. 

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Katie {Always, Katie} said...

I'm popping in from the party! Your blog name caught my eye... figured you were either another diabetic or you liked to make sweet stuff. Either way, TOTALLY up my alley :-) In fact, thanks to you... I'm pretty sure we're having french toast tonight! I hope you have a wonderful week. :-)

Holly said...

Heheh I like the glasses! Very funny!