Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here and There.

I've got a lot of random stuff on my mind, here goes....

I'm sick, still sick. It's been a month. I finally went to the doctor on Friday and got some antibiotics. 
I hope they kick in soon.
I'm just tired of being sick.

Now my little one is sick. 
He woke up this morning with a gooey green eye, yuck.
I had no idea that you could even have stuff like that coming out of your eye.
It's so sad.
So he's now on antibiotics too.

I feel like I shouldn't even complain for one second about us being sick since my friend's 4 week old baby girl is in hospital.
She's been diagnosed with RSV but they still need to do some tests to rule out everything.
If she doesn't start eating soon they'll have to give her a feeding tube, which most likely will increase her stay in the PICU.
Please pray for her. Her name is Phoebe.

We started the remodel of our mater bathroom.
So far I'm doing pretty good with surviving the mess and it's not driving me crazy.
But it's only been a week.
I'll share pictures soon.

I bought some new throw pillows for the couch.
I love them.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.

I went to our local flea market this weekend and found this beauty.
I love it. The color, the rust, it's perfect.
My great grandma had one in her kitchen and I've been looking for the right one.
Plus it will be perfect for Ethan when he helps me cook.

I've never really decorated much for Valentine's Day but we have a few things up this year.

Nothing fancy, just a few small things.
I plan on making some fun decorations with Ethan and Jacob.
Do you have any good Valentine craft ideas for us?

I'll leave you with one of my most favorite songs of all time.
Please tell me you love Fleetwood Mac too.


Janna said...

random must be in the air because my first post in over a month was all about random today. dang...sick a month - hope those drugs do the trick! feel better!!!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

Oh that chair is wonderful.
You know I love it!

Gee said...

Love the pillows, love the chair, love the decorations, and...hello...Fleetwood Mac!!! I wanted to BE Stevie Nicks and I think I was in love with Lindsay Buckingham!! (Before I met Dad!!) I wish I had been in the USC marching band in 1978!! (I think that was the year!!) :)

Gee said...

And...I will be praying for Phoebe and you and Jakey!! :)

theolivetree said...

hope you feel better! Praying for your friends daughter!

hannah singer said...

love the chair!!
very cute valentine's decor, too:)

happy almost weekend xo