Friday, November 18, 2011


It's Friday!
Here's my cell pics of the week.

Ethan got a new job. 
He likes pushing his brother around.
 Some mornings are just too messy.
 Lately Ethan has become quite the helper.
 After playing at my mom's house both boys fell asleep on the ride home.
It didn't take long, we only live 5 minutes away.
The metallic, gold lining of my purse.
Does your camera just go off in your purse too?
I swear my phone was locked but apparently not.
 I love this sweater and I don't wear it enough.
And yes, I'm in a public restroom taking a photo of myself.
 Baby Gap has this amazing leather jacket for boys.
Jacob needs it!
Gold Glitter Nails=fantastic!
 Tomorrow is my niece's 4th birthday so we had a little pre-party today.
Happy Birthday Radley!
Any big plans for the weekend?
We've got date night, a birthday party, football and some shopping to do.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Becca at One Girl said...

Sounds like you have a fun & busy weekend ahead of you! It's so great that Ethan is such a great helper with his younger brother & around the house!

hannah singer said...

your kiddos are the cutest, always! LOVE the sweater...even if you are a weirdo in a public restroom:)

love ya!

Jamie said...

Stopping in from Insta Friday - loved this! Such cute boys! I have two sons also and just LOVE it!