Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011.

My boys were seriously so cute this halloween.
Ethan chose his own costume this year.
He needed the one with the muscles.
I didn't find a Robin costume small enough for Jacob so we went with the superhero theme.
And boy do they ever make the cutest superheros.
I don't have too many pictures of just the two of them together.
Ethan was too busy saving the world.
He did stop for one minute to get a picture with Radley and Jacob.
After visiting my parents we headed home and Brett had pizza waiting for us.
Then it was time!
We only trick or treated down our block since that was more than enough candy for us.
I loved being out in the neighborhood seeing all our neighbors and meeting new ones.
I'm afraid the tradition of going door to door won't last forever so we're enjoying it while we can.
We had a blast of a night!
How about you?

p.s. My favorite part of the night was passing out candy with Ethan. He called all the trick-or-treaters "customers" and he took his job so seriously. The kid cracks me up! 


hannah singer said...

such cuteness! love that ethan called them customers;)


katie said...

Haha...customers. So cute. My younger boys went as Batman and Robin. : )