Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pictures of My Boys {or lack thereof}.

I haven't been taking many pictures of the boys lately.
I didn't even realize it until I picked up the camera today.
These are the last photos I took of them.

It hasn't rained in two weeks.

I'm usually pretty snap-happy when it comes to the boys so I'm not sure why my camera just been sitting on the desk. Life gets busy I guess.

So while we were outside playing I took a few photos of them.
I didn't get very many but the few I did capture what is happening right now with my boys.

Jacob has a new love for putting anything and everything into whatever container or bag he can find. 
I love watching him fill a bucket with something, bend down to pick up more, only to have what he just picked up fall out. 
Surprisingly he doesn't get very frustrated and just continues on.
 We bought our Halloween costumes yesterday.
No Ethan is not going to be a football player but we couldn't pass up this steal of a costume for only $10. 
It's made a great addition to our dress up clothes and he has worn it ever since we got it home.
Well, not to bed and to school but you get the idea.
 And his blue eyes and wispy red hair makes me melt. 
Can he please just stay small forever?
Have you taken pictures of your people lately? 
Don't forget, because time is flying by.

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Gee said...

Beautiful!! And...you're right...time is flying by!! :)