Friday, October 21, 2011


Here's my cell phone photos from the week.

The boys enjoying an afternoon snack as the dog keeps a watchful eye.
 Ethan was banned from the front yard due to him running away from me and around the block. 
He sadly sat by the front window watching the neighborhood kids play.
It was hard to not let him out but I stuck to my guns.
 Ethan and I made snickerdoodles.
Oh so good!
 Jacob has decided he wants to feed himself.
He makes more of a mess eating now than he did as an infant. 
And my floors have seen better days thanks to him.
I could mop everyday, but I don't.
 My quick and sneaky little fella climbed up to my desk while I was making coffee one morning.
 This was my lunch one day.
I had not eaten chili cheese fries in I don't know how long and they were so good.
 It was red day at school this week and this is what Ethan wore.
It's my favorite shirt he has at the moment.
 I was driving the kids around hoping they would fall asleep for naps and came across this donut shop.
The sign is amazing AND it's a drive-thru.
Why didn't I know about this place sooner?
 And one out of two asleep isn't too bad.
Happy Friday Everyone!!

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The Morris Family said...

Snickerdoodles......what a fun cookie!!!

Have a great weekend!!!