Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday 5: Pumpkins.

Two posts in 1 day...say what?
A new blogging buddy started a Friday 5 linky party and I wanted to share.
So, these are 5 things pumpkin that I love this Friday.

Pretty much anything pumpkin from anywhere makes me happy, but these items from Trader Joe's are awesome. 
Especially the ice cream, to die for!
 Pumpkin Spice Latte. 
Who doesn't love one of these?
 Little pumpkins in all shapes and colors placed around the house.
 I love these jolly little pumpkins.
I love Halloween but I don't like anything scary, so these are perfect.
 This little pumpkin.
How has 3 years already gone by? 
I wish so badly I could put him in this little pumpkin costume again.

And I think we're headed to the pumpkin patch tonight.
Have you gone yet?


Genn said...

hi there! hopped over from janna's blog!
what a CUTE pumpkin he is, and i agree, time flies WAY too fast!! My girls are SO big now (5 & 3) and I hate it. ;)

Just tried that TJ's ice cream last night for the first time and oh my. It tastes just like pumpkin pie!!!

i got my link up this morning- better late than never right? :)

Janna said...

I'm all about the pumpkins too, but I think my favorite on this post is the cutie in the last picture :) THanks for linking up.

katie said...

We've been enjoying the pumpkin ice cream from TJ's too. : ) You little guy looked adorable in his costume. Don't you miss those days?

Gee said...

Seriously? Ethan in the pumpkin costume? Soooooo cute!!