Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Raining.

I don't like the rain.
I like the sun. I like warm weather, tank tops, flip flops, the beach.
Now don't get me wrong, I like fall.
I like that it brings cooler evenings, sweaters and the holidays. 
I really don't like that fall brings rain.
Especially now that I have two young boys, which includes an extremely active 1 year old, that love to be outside.
By 10:30 this morning we had played with play dough, painted, colored, read books, and used all the blocks we had in the house. 

They were busy.
Thankfully Brett is home today and he has been able to keep them entertained with me.
And thankfully he had the great idea of hooking up the bouncer in the garage. 
 Why didn't I think of that sooner?

When they wake up from naps I think I might just let them put on their warm gear and play around in the rain and the puddles. 
I think it'll be good for everyone. 
As, winter weather approaches I'm trying to come up with as many indoor activities for both kids.
Any suggestions?
What do you do to keep your little people entertained on rainy days?


SoSoBella said...

loving the weather. rain, not so much, but i'll take it if it means we get cooler weather :)
did you see you won!!!!

Erin said...

The bouncer was a great idea!

Gee said...

Oh let them just go out and get wet!! Then put them in a warm bath to warm them up and make some cookies or popcorn or's good to just let them feel the weather!! :) Remember when the neighbor came and knocked on our door and said you guys were puddle jumping at the college and I said, "Yeah...I know!!" :)
What did you win???

theolivetree said...

we have jumper we put up in the basement during winter months;) Have you heard of the play at home mom blog?

she has some GREAT ideas :)