Wednesday, August 10, 2011


we did a whole lotta nothing.

We stayed home, cooked, took a walk, watered the plants, played and laughed.

Pretty much a typical day except,
the boys didn't fight, not even once.
My boys aren't terrible, but they get into it.
They grab from one another, wrestle a little too hard, scream at one another, typical kid stuff.
But that didn't happen today. 
They played together nicely and played alone quietly.
They didn't need me to interfere or help or rescue.

It was amazing.

And what better way to end the day then with dessert.
Nilla Waffers topped with banana pudding, banana slices and cool whip.
Did your mom make this for you as a kid?
I haven't had it in years and I knew the boys would love it.
It was a hit!
Next time I'm using chocolate pudding.


katie said...

yay for a seamless day and double yay for that dessert!

hannah singer said...

always love your sweet pics!
and dessert looks yummo! xo