Sunday, August 14, 2011


As each day passes I feel my boys growing closer to one another.

Ethan wants to involve Jacob in most everything he is doing, and Jacob wants to learn.
Ethan is learning how to protect Jacob, and Jacob is listening to what he says, sometimes.
Ethan helps care for Jacob when he cries.
They squeal in delight and hug each morning when they wake up.
They make the other one laugh the hardest, my favorite.

I'm having the most fun sitting back, watching their relationship grow and form.

There is no bond like the bond of siblings.
And nothing makes me happier than knowing they will have each other forever.

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katie said...

This is so sweet. It is very precious to watch the relationship between siblings grow.

hannah singer said...

oh how cute are they!?

and love your new design!! fancy!

Gee said...

Hanky anyone?? ;)