Friday, August 5, 2011

Here and There.

This is what's on my mind today...

I have yet to join the Pinterest craze. I want to but I'm afraid I will become obsessed. I really don't need one more thing to take time away from the important things in life, but I think I might take the plunge.
I can't decide.

This little chunker took his first steps today.
I'm happy and terrified at the same time.
I fear emergency room visits are in our future with this one.

I want my house to stay clean for just one day.

In less than 2 months Jacob will be a year old and Ethan will start preschool.
What is happening?
Didn't I just bring them home from the hospital?

The suns out and it's Friday so we're headed to the beach with family and friends.
I love summer!

Happy Friday Everyone!


katie said...

Congrats on his 1st steps! That's a big moment. I joined pinterest and hardly go on it. I forget about it! It is fun, but I have to admit that I'm not huge about it.

hannah singer said...

hooray for steps!
pinterest is a great way to catalog favorite things. i thankfully can't spend too much time doing so:)

(you should join!) Xo